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5 Craft Beer Trends for 2018 

Whether you are a party-going University student, a professional that likes a dink after work or a complete non-drinker, you will be aware of the world's new obsession with craft beer. Just this week, independent [...]

What to Serve at Festival Bars

Whether you are planning a music festival, food festival or something a little different, your attendees will no doubt be searching for the bar on arrival. At Urban Spirit, we ensure the bar is a [...]

Top Events for Portable Bars

The Urban Spirit team has helped planned thousands of UK events in their time. From weddings and corporate events to festivals and birthday parties, we've done it all. In recent months, we've seen a huge [...]

Getting in the spirit: A new craze for non-drinkers

Although mocktails have stolen the limelight over the past few years, it seems drinks production companies are placing more focus than ever on the non-drinkers. Over the Christmas period, a whole range of zero-alcohol spirits [...]

Which bar service is best for you?

At Urban Spirit, we are hugely confident in our products and services, enjoying decades of experience in the world of pop-up bars. Having built on our equipment, network and expertise for so long, our team [...]

The best drinks to impress this NYE

New Year's Eve is all about celebration, whether it be revelling in the achievements of the year or looking forward to what is to come, and whilst NYE parties come in all shapes and sizes, [...]