As one of the most reputable drinks brands across the globe, Jack Daniels is renowned for their innovative marketing schemes, this year launching a global campaign to find the best bartender. Rewarding the cocktail-making geniuses with a trip to Tennessee, ten bartenders from the north-West have made it through to the next stage of the competition. 

Tasked with creating their own, innovative cocktail recipes, the ‘Tennessee Calling’ campaign is eager to share the charms of Tennessee with one lucky winner. 
The top 10 are: 

Josh Allen, Tipple Cocktails, Lancaster 
 Josh Davies, The Hedonist Project, Leeds 
 Jo Last, The Domino Club, Leeds 
 Jack Bishop, Filter & Fox, Liverpool 
 Charlotte Coyle, Filter & Fox, Liverpool 
 Toby Boyce, Santa Maluco, Liverpool 
 Alastair McCarroll, Chamber 36, Liverpool 
 Shane Kilgarriff, Peggy’s Bar, Manchester 
 Tatjana Titimova, Epernay, Manchester 
 Nathan Larkin, Fizzy Tarté, Lake District 

The top 10 cocktails will now be tested by some of the leading drinks authorities, gracing the lips of London Cocktail Club co-founder JJ Goodman and Erik Lorincz, head bartender at The Savoy’s American Bar. Jack Daniel’s advocacy team, along with the UK brand ambassador, Cam Dawson, will also be involved in this phase, judging the drinks on entrepreneurialism, creativity and quality. 

Nidal Ramini, head of advocacy for northern Europe, said:  

“At Jack Daniel’s we are dedicated to supporting bartenders as they develop their careers, and Tennessee Calling II provides them with the perfect platform to do so. We hope all those who entered were able to learn something invaluable, which will help them to grow.  

“Each of the cocktails created by the bartenders selected in our final 10 embodied the key attributes which Mr Jack Daniel deemed so important: entrepreneurialism, creativity and quality.  

“We wanted to judge the cocktails created by the bartenders in their natural setting, so we will be travelling to all 10 and trying the cocktail at the bar where it would be served. We are of course very excited to pick our three winners, and we look forward to welcoming them to Tennessee.”  

Equally as passionate about great drinks, we at Urban Spirit think this is a wonderful initiative. Concerned with celebrating bartenders within our business, it is great to see the industry showcased on such a global scale.  

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