Lohri is a special festival celebrated throughout the Punjabi community to mark the Winter Solstice. Key features of the celebration include lighting a bonfire to mark the return of longer days, making and enjoying a range of Punjabi food, children going door to door singing folk songs and families who have recently had a new born or newlywed enhancing the celebrations. One key feature of the festival is time spent with friends and family in the form of parties and gatherings and we at Urban Spirit have a range of Lohri Bar Hire services to ensure the event is one to remember.

Our Lohri Bar Hire is flexible and can therefore be suited to your needs. A range of top quality portable bar counters are available for rental including LED bars which will flicker along with the bonfire to ensure everything is in-keeping with the festival. We can also provide a range of branded bar counters which can display a range of symbols, images and text to ensure your next Lohri celebration stays in the memory of your friends and family for years to come.

Lorhi Bar Hire does not have to include a full-scale bar counter. For small family occasions, Urban Spirit can provide a range of branded kegs available on draught to be enjoyed throughout the festivities. From Cobra to Peroni, Urban Spirit can ensure the palates of your guests are catered for.

When it comes to the festival, you do not want to be worrying about your guests for the duration, you would prefer to join them and enjoy the event. To help with this, our Lohri Bar Hire service can include the hire of our highly-qualified bartenders to serve and entertain your guests throughout so you can concentrate on enjoying the function.

For more information on our Lohri Bar Hire, please contact a member of our dedicated sales team today.