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Our attention to detail, from our incredible cocktails through to our bespoke LED hand built bars is what makes choosing Urban Spirit the only choice for pure elegance and quality.

Urban Spirit services are popular for a range of events including VIP shows, backstage events, after-parties and corporate diners. Our portable bars can be set up virtually anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Services   Tailored to your event

Bar Hire Packages

Urban Spirit can provide all you need to get your event or party flowing smoothly, from bar staff, equipment, beverages and flamboyant cocktails through to exquisite custom made bar pieces!

Services   Perfect for any event

Bespoke Bars

Looking to make your event that extra bit special? A bespoke, and custom made bar is sure to turn every eye in the crowd, with each one being custom designed and built by the Urban Spirit team to suit your theme or event.

Services   Provider of Drinks

Bar Staff Hire

Already have the service area and drinks/food, just need some friendly and professional staff to serve, prepare and ensure your event goes smoothly? Look no further, Urban Spirit has a vast collection of highly skilled Bar Staff.

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