December is without a shadow of a doubt our busiest month here at Urban Spirit; but, it’s just the way we like it! Seeing people getting a lot more creative when building bars and creating cocktails, this year’s party season is well underway.

Thinking of hiring your own bar, or simply eager to exercise your cocktail-making skills? If so, you will certainly need a few staple spirits. Below we have listed a selection of our favourite Christmas spirits to get you in the Christmas spirit (see what we did there?).

Spiced Rum

Whilst many will be well up for a rum or two as the sleigh bells start to ring, we at Urban Spirit tend to work with Spiced Rum in December; mainly because of its additional flavours. Featuring tastes that we associate with the merry cheer of Christmas. most Spiced Rums offer hints of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar.


From adorning the Christmas Pudding and set alight, to serving it neat with a cube or two of ice, Brandy will play a key role in the festivities of this glorious time of year. We at Urban Spirit are also avid fans of Brandy-based cocktails, with our favourites being:

The Metropolitan – Made from one part brandy, one part sweet vermouth and a splash of Angostru bitters, the Metropolitan is a classic cocktail that sings the cheer of Merry Christmas.
The Brandy Crusta – Made from 60ml cognac, 15ml triple sec and a dash of fresh lemon juice, this drink certainly packs a punch, with the addition of a Maraschino liqueur and Angostura Bitters making it a full-bodied Christmas classic.
Thunder and Lightning – With a name as fierce as Thunder and Lightning, you would expect something vivacious from this cocktail, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Created from Brandy, an egg yolk and a teaspoon of powdered sugar, this mixture certainly boasts a unique taste.


As an orange liqueur, Cointreau is a versatile spirt that can be used in many different ways, with sales of the spirit increasing dramatically when Santa comes to town. We like to serve it as it comes in a chilled glass; perfect as a late-night Christmas tipple.

Want to spice your Christmas drinks up this year? If so, why not hire one of our merry mobile bars; with our services still available in the run-up to Christmas.