Here at Urban Spirit, we are constantly blogging tips about how to put on the best bars that serve the best drinks. Wanting our readers to enjoy the best drinking experiences possible, we today share a few ways not to serve cocktails. Keeping you on the cocktail straight and narrow, below are a few tips for bartenders.

Do not use hot glasses

Whether your cocktail recipe requires ice or not, serving a chilled cocktail calls for a chilled glass. Too often do we see bars using glasses straight out of the washer and still hot! Not only will this heat up the glass and wither your garnishes, but if ice is used, your drink can become diluted quite quickly.

Do not underestimate the power of presentation

The truth is, us modern drinkers drink with our eyes. This is why cocktails are becoming more and more elaborate. So, when building your drink, do not underestimate the power of presentation. Remember, only good-looking drinks make their way to Instagram and Snapchat.

Do not serve drinks in plastic cups or bags

While plastic bags and cups are easy to throw away after use, making for less washing up, plastic waste is a huge issue Brits are trying to combat. With various government and independent campaigns being run to combat plastic waste and single-use plastic, serving drinks in plastic is simply outdated and irresponsible.

Bucket loads

Again, if you want to be on-trend, use traditional glassware. In the 90s, drinks being served in huge quantities and in buckets were the norm. However, the modern taste bud is a lot more sophisticated. This is why we are seeing smaller drinks, dressed well and made from high-quality ingredients.

Cocktail bar hire

If you are looking to serve on-trend cocktails at an upcoming event or celebration, have you thought about hiring a mobile cocktail bar? As the ultimate way to communicate the message that the party is on, cocktail bars are just so much fun!