Whether you are a party-going University student, a professional that likes a dink after work or a complete non-drinker, you will be aware of the world’s new obsession with craft beer. Just this week, independent craft beer brewery, BrewDog, received a whopping £11m investment from a rather successful crowdfunding campaign; indicating the UK’s hunger for craft beer.

Here at Urban spirit, we are seeing more and more calls for craft beers at various types of events. Consequently,  weddings, birthday parties and corporate dos are packed with craft beers!

Equally as interested in craft beer is online craft marketplace; EeBria Trade. Monitoring sales activity of over 4,000 craft beer products, they came up with various conclusions. Below are the top craft beer trends to look out for in 2018.


It seems like strong alcohol content is one of the biggest trends to look out for. Whilst the spirit end of the market is becoming occupied with low-alcohol and zero booze products, the craft beer industry is going the other way. According to findings of the research project, 11% of all craft beer sold in 2017 were 7% or higher.

“This stat was a mere 5.3% of total sales this time last year and as more and more venues begin to offer one third and two-third pint measures, publicans can now afford to buy in higher ABV beers and still retain a profitable margin” it reads.

Double the trouble

Double IPAs are set to take a front seat in 2018, with many rising trends forming in 2017. According to this research project, sales of IPA increased by 5% last year. In demand from all sorts of drinkers, strong craft beers will also rise in price, with UK pubs expected to increase their mark ups.

Bye Bye Bitters

While once a staple drink, the humble Bitter is losing the popularity test at present, with pubs stocking smaller ranges and sales taking a fair hit last year. As experimentation leads the way, traditional drinks unfortunately get left behind.

Sour tastes

As mentioned, tradition brewing styles and flavours are lacking something amongst millennial drinkers. In recent years, we have seen a focus being places on sour flavours. In 2018, expect more craft beers brewed from fruit. Sales of sour beers are currently up 6% across the UK.

Stouts are back in town

Associated with the older drinker, stouts are a drink we thought had died of death. Actually, we are seeing the opposite. Imperial stouts increased by 3.3% in 2017, with various companies, including Waitrose, handling bigger demands.

Shane McNamara, a Beer Sommelier one of the judges, said the dark beers this year “were a very strong category across the board.”

“Bold balanced flavours were matched with finesse and intrigue for the drinker … the biscuit, rich cocoa and chocolate flavours were integrated well with coffee undertones and hints of vanilla in some.”

As a result of our findings, we will certainly be looking at stocking more craft beers. If you are planning an event and wish to serve craft beer, contact us today!  With a team of experienced staff members, we are therefore well equipped to help plan your event.

Due to a high volume of request, it’s advisable to book your bar as soon as possible! As well as securing your bar, booking early is also a great way to secure a good deal!