Absolut Vodka is a brand that has over the years become synonymous with luxury. Sitting at the higher end of the drinks market, they offer much more than your bog-standard spirit. However, recent drink trends have seen consumers completely obsessed with the craft-end of the market, seeking unique experiences. Subsequently, sales in independent drinks companies have gone through the roof, leaving companies such as Absolut fighting to prove their worth in the modern world.

Doing so in the form of a new marketing strategy, Absolut’s ‘Absolut Truths’ campaign has received a great response.

Seeing its employees bare all, the point of the campaign is to position Absolut Vodka as an ethical brand. Showing that they have ‘nothing to hide’, there are 28 employees involved in the spoof introduction film. All discussing the business and sharing uprising facts about the brand, we were pretty surprised about some of information shared.
“Absolut was determined to work with the people who were not only the best fit for the brand, but also the campaign, which is all about a distinctly New York dialect of honesty and freedom of expression,” said  Douglas Brundage, of Team Epiphany, which worked with Absolut on the project.

“We wanted to work with real people who are iconic in New York City, and ideally also harken to Absolut’s history as a progressive brand that launched in the US for the first time in 1979 right here in New York City. And we wanted it to be cross-generational – emblematic of each decade since Absolut entered the US market.”

For instance, did you know that Absolut has a 600,000 daily production? Eager to promote how they get to that volume, the brand shared details of their ingredients.

An ethical drinks brand

Claiming to source their wheat locally, Absolut are looking to position their brand as one that is environmentally concerned, they also claim that the process they use is something to be proud of. Saying that their process is completely CO2 neutral, Absolut are equally as vocal about their attitude towards waste. Feeding waste products to local cows and pigs, have Absolut done enough to convince generation millennial?

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