In recent years, the world has developed a real conscience, investing heavily in Fairtrade alcohol products and production methods.

According to retail analyst, Kantar, this is a trend that is only on the increase, with sales of Fairtrade wines, beers, and spirits up by more than 25% this year. Showing our changing attitude towards ethical drinking, this end of the drinks market is proving to be rather lucrative.

According to the research, Britain spent an attractive £86.9 million on Fairtrade alcohol last year, making alcohol one of the fastest-growing sub-groups of the Fairtrade market. Representing over 10% of the overall market, the largest area that has experienced growth is chilled drink.

Brands are going ethical

What we are also seeing is popular brands deciding to convert to Fairtrade. Just last year, Kumala launched a new Fairtrade wine in collaboration with The Co-op; mapping the way for other drinks businesses.

Ciaran O’Donovan, Irish Distillers’ international brand ambassador, told that the decision to go Fairtrade certified came as “people want to know more about what they’re drinking.”

“We’ve always made things in a sustainable fashion,” he said.

“Before, no one was asking us about it, so there wasn’t a point to putting these things on the label.”

“We didn’t want to overload consumers with too much information.”

Fairtrade bar hire

Here at Urban Spirit, we have noticed more and more of our customers requesting Fairtrade bar hire only wanting to serve drinks that have been produced in an ethical way. If you are thinking of hiring a bar and want to serve Fairtrade drinks, be sure to give us a call. From there, we can talk you through the many options at hand.