With Valentine’s Day just a week away, many of us will start to panic, wondering what to get our partners or ‘special someone’. Where a cute poem or your last Rolo used to do the trick, it seems the modern romantic is far more, well, suggestive!  

In a recent survey, it was revealed that aphrodisiacs will play a key role in Valentine’s Day of 2018, with 3 in ten of those asked saying they were incorporating items such as oysters and chocolate into their romantic gestures. Wanting to get their partners ‘in the mood’, an aphrodisiac cocktail could be the cherry on top this year. Below we have shared some wonderful cocktails that contain what many would call aphrodisiacs. Whilst not knowing the science behind the theory, what we do know is that these drinks will be sure to impress. 

Red wine got chocolate  

As an innovative spin on the traditional cocktail. This warm mixture is perfect for a cosy, romantic night in with your lover. Simply melt high-quality chocolate, add cream and a splash of red wine; that; s it! 

Avocado champagne  

Though there is nothing romantic about a bright green mixture and the sound of a blender in the background, Avocado Champagne is now a thing! Renowned for its health benefits, the humble little fruit has a reputation for stimulation (according to the Aztecs). To make the drink, simply combine the following ingredients: 

  • Avocado  
  • Champagne  
  • Cucumber  
  • ice  
  • Sugar syrup  

Pour in a chilled champagne flute and walla; an aphrodisiac cocktail that they will not be expecting!  


We are all familiar with the globally-enjoyed Gin and Tonic; a drink that is well and truly stapled into our culture here in the UK. However, with more and more people being obvious about the negative health impacts of alcohol consumption, a new Gin and Tonic variation is on the block. Celery and Tonic is now making its way to the bars and watering holes of London. Though not alcohol, the mixture is said to be an aphrodisiac.  

Let us know what you think about the above cocktail. Alternatively, share your recipes below!