While many hoped this was a vicious rumour, it appears that JD Wetherspoon are in fact banning Jägerbombs from their pubs across the UK. But why?

Well, according to the brand, pubs are receiving higher tariffs on EU-made products as a result of Brexit. Breaking the trade chain between Germany and the UK, Brexit is seeming to have various impacts on the hospitality industry.

What’s the replacement?

So, what will Jägerbombers drink instead? Well, JD Wetherspoons has decided to serve Strika; a herbal liqueur that is produced here in the UK. Created by Halewood International, the owners of Lambrini, Red Square vodka, and The Pogues Irish whiskey, will this drink be able to fill the boots of Jägermeister?

Company founder Tim Martin, suggests so. Having conducted blind tasting with both staff and customers, he said that “the new products were more popular than those they are replacing.”
Guy Lawrence, the CEO of Jägermeister UK, branded this decision as a “political storm in a teacup.”

“Naturally we are disappointed that UK consumers will no longer be able to enjoy our products at Wetherspoon’s venues” he said.

Could Jägerbombs make a comeback? 

However, he did add that this could give the brand the room to forge deals with on-trade businesses.

“We know that there is huge demand for Jägermeister in pubs and bars across the UK. It is the one of the top three spirits brands in the On-Trade, and we invest about £10 million per annum driving demand for our trademarks.

“Of course this presents a good opportunity for our existing customers, and we look forward to working with them to make the most of the situation.”

But, is this the end for Wetherspoons and Jägermeister? In this time of political uncertainly, Wetherspoons are arguably doing the right thing by sourcing local produce. Insistent on providing value for customers, they will however review their product list in 24 months. By then, new trade agreements could well have been formed.

Let us know what your thoughts are on this. Have Wetherspoons done the right thing? We would love to hear your thoughts.