At Urban Spirit, we thoroughly enjoy sharing unique drinking experiences with our customers, creating unforgettable hospitality solutions through our incredible bar hire setups.

In recent months, we have received a great deal of calls for our beer bars; bars that are all about the celebration of fine beer, stout and lager!

And, with next week hosting International Beer Day (August 2nd), we thought it was only fitting that we talked you through these amazing services.

What do beer bars look like?

The short answer to this is…anything you want. This is because our bars have been designed to suit all types of venues hosting events with all types of themes. From all-wood bars for an outdoor soiree to glittery, shiny and mirrored bars for a glitzy affair, there simply is nothing we can’t do.

Draught systems

When attending a bar, the last thing we want is to be served beer in a bottle. It just isn’t very authentic. This is why many that choose to hire a bar for an event opt for one with a beer draught system, allowing them to serve pub-worthy pints all night long.

Don’t have anyone to serve the drinks?

Worried who will pour the pints at your event? If so, then stop. This is because bartender hire is something we can help with, being a service we are famed for here at Urban Spirit.

Learn more about beer bars

Want to learn more about our bars and other add-on services? If so, contact us now!

We look forward to hearing from you.