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Bartender Sued for $115,000

When running a hospitality establishment, whether it be a pub, bar, pop-up, hotel or restaurant, you need great staff to make your venture a success. And, what makes a ‘great’ staff member in this industry [...]

Big Plans for Welsh Drinks Industry

Here at Urban Spirit, we are thrilled to be offering our bar hire and bartender services in Wales. This is because Wales is full of amazing venues and party planners, with areas like Cardiff, Swansea, [...]

Pink’s New Wine Sells out in 24 Hours

Popstar turned winemaker, Pink, has recently released her first three blended wines made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. And, within just a day of launching, all 114 cases have sold out. The [...]

Popular Gin Flavours for 2019

As mentioned in previous blogs, the UK gin market is booming, with British drinkers opting for local produce over imported alternatives. One area of this ever-in-development market is flavoured gin; with the more bizarre the [...]

UK Bars Need a Culture Change to Accommodate Disabled

Here at Urban Spirit, we work hard to create bar hire experiences that all can enjoy. Whether that be ensuring no-alcohol drink options or stocking an array of drinks from different areas of the world, [...]

Indian Cars to Run on Whiskey

Drivers in India could potentially be driving around in vehicles powered by whisky. Utilising whiskey waste, this is an attempt to reduce toxic pollution in the River Ganges. A Scottish biofuel company will use a [...]

Britons to Consume Six Billion Units of Alcohol at Christmas

Now, it is no secret that Christmas is a time for indulging, with both calorie and alcohol intake going through the roof during December. While happy to play ignorant and go with the flow, a [...]

LG Launches Home-brewing Device

With Christmas just around the corner, we are starting to see the weird and wonderful drink-based gifts make their way into the mainstream. This week, we at Urban Spirit were intrigued by a new product [...]

Pub in Cumbria Doubles up as Christmas Post Office

We have all been there. Being sent out by the other half to do a few Christmas chores and ending up at the pub. Wanting to accommodate punters regularly finding themselves in the dog house, [...]

Jon Bon Jovi’s Wine Voted the Best Rosé of 2018

We are livin’ for Bon Jovi’s rosé here at Urban Spirit! Earlier this year, rock icon, Jon Bon Jovi and his son, Jesse, launched a brand of rosé that has been voted the Best Rosé [...]

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