You only get one Dad. This is why Father’s Day is so important to many, being a day for sons and daughters to place their father as the priority and shower him with gifts.

However, it can be hard to find the right gift to show your Dad just how much he means to you. This is why many are now exploring the idea of mobile bar hire; the perfect gift for Dads that love a good old drink.

Beer bar hire for the home

It is simply every Dad’s dream to have their own bar. So, why not get them exactly that, hiring a beer bar for him to have in his own home! From pouring himself a cold pint to getting a round in for him and his mates; having his own beer bar will bring him a whole heap of joy.

We can supply the kegs

As well as hiring a bar through us for Dad, we can also supply you with the beer to stock it with. Offering a whole selection of scrumptious beers, ales and ciders on tap, we are basically your one stop shop for all things bar hire.

His own bartender

Think your Dad would appreciate having his own personal bartender? If so, then don’t forget about our bartender hire service, providing the cherry on top of his bar hire experience.

Request a quote for Father’s Day bar hire

If you are seriously thinking about hiring a bar for your Dad this Father’s Day then contact us at Urban Spirit now. Then, one of our sales advisers can provide you with a free quote.

We promise you, you will not regret it!