When running a hospitality establishment, whether it be a pub, bar, pop-up, hotel or restaurant, you need great staff to make your venture a success. And, what makes a ‘great’ staff member in this industry is trust, with establishment owners needing to trust the people they employ to serve customers well and behave in a professional manner.

This is why we can kind of sympothise with one US employer, letting his bartender go for drinking on the job. Dismissing him on the basis of gross misconduct, the employer then went on to sue the Bartender for $115,000. Tough day at the office, aye?

According to the lawsuit, Gunnar Hokan Jorstad was drunk on the job last year while serving at the Barrel Room in Oregon. As a result, the authorities revoked the establishment’s licence, refraining them from selling any alcohol from the premises. This lasted a whole three weeks, seeing the bar unable to generate the income they usually would.

Now, the employer is looking to gain compensation from the former employee, suing the bartender $5,500 per day over 21 days.

With the story hitting the press, many have progressed different opinions online. What do you think, is the bartender responsible for this bill?

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