Being a bar hire and drinks brand, we at Urban Spirit are keen to embrace all types of trends impacting the world of hospitality, sharing our findings and industry knowledge through this very blog.

One trend we would like to explore a little more is unique cocktail creations. According to a recent survey, many mixologists are steering away from the classics and serving their own drink recipes instead.

This is due to a demand for more innovative, creative drinks, with classics like the Mojito, Cosmopolitan and Sex on the Beach just not cutting it any loner.

Inventive wedding cocktails

While this is a trend that can be experienced at all types of bars across the country, bespoke cocktails are something that are highly in demand by brides and grooms. Apparently, over 40% of happy couples are requesting signature cocktails at the wedding receptions. This is to ensure their wedding stands out and is remembered in years to come for its fabulous drinks.

Want to serve unique cocktails?

If you are interested in serving completely unique cocktails at an upcoming event, party or at a bash thrown at your home, why don’t you make use of our bartender hire service? Boasting a network of highly skilled mixologists, our team is more than capable of creating spellbinding cocktails that look and taste the part.

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