In life, we have two vices; beer and bread. Well, luckily for us, we can now consume both at the same time. That’s right, beer bread is now a thing! Invented by a Suffolk-based brewery, the beer is tasty and an ingenuous way of combating food waste. With more than 24 million slices of bread thrown away every day in Britain alone, it’s no wonder retailers are looking for ways to utilise bread waste.

Adnams, the brewers behind the project, have joined forces with Marks & Spencer to get beer bread off of the ground. Launching three new variations, the brand will be utilising their leftover bread products. Using the end of the bread loaves donated by M&S’ sandwich factory, this project is both financially and ethically lucrative.

This is nothing new!

Not dissimilar to popular beer brand, Toast Ale, this beer is far from the first venture of its kind. The blending of beer and bread actually dates back 4,000 years; a time where breweries and bakers shared factories. However, do Marks and Spencer hold the key to bringing beer bread into the mainstream?

Richard Applegate, an M&S beer technologist, suggests so:

“Consumers who are fans of beer will be familiar with Toast Ale, and we wanted to find a way to use the surplus bread from our sandwiches in a more useful and environment-friendly way.”

Playing a huge role on the supermarket’s efforts to be corporately responsible, Marks and Spencer have been given kudos by various organisations for the efforts made to reduce food waste. Just as passionate about this joint venture is Fergus Fitzgerald, head brewer at Adnams. Talking through the brewing process, he says:

“Making malted barley is an energy-intense process, therefore by using bread this reduces the carbon footprint; the saving from the three new beers is an estimated 1.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide.”

Let us know what you think. Will you be purchasing bread beer?