Though Christmas is all about the high-quality champagne and some strong liqueurs, for many, a good old-fashioned pint is rather desirable. Having created bar hire solutions for thousands of festive events during our time, the need to stock lager and ale at events has never been so apparent. We are seeing an increased number of customers requesting craft beers in particular. More and more people are enjoying exploring niche flavours and brands as opposed to big brand beers.

If you are planning a Christmas party, then be sure to stock your home or bar with our following suggestions.


Though coming with a range of stereotypes and associations, Stella is actually a great lager with a range of deep tones and aromas. With hints of sweet malt and corn, Stella is a beer that is taken seriously amongst both connoisseurs and your average pub-drinker; making it a staple fridge feature this Christmas.


As one of the weaker lagers out there, Carling is made from burton water; white lager malt and English hops, introduced to the UK in bottled form back in the early 1950s. Being pretty basic in flavours, with a Carling you know what you’re getting. This is why it has remained the UK’s most popular lager or over 50 years.

Ginger Beer

Whilst a mainstream lager will be many people’s first port of call, we’re now seeing more people try Ginger varieties. From Crabbies to Fentimans, it appears many brands and now having to cater to demands for ginger tastes.

Craft beers

Craft beers are all the rage of late, with younger drinkers in particular wanting to test all types of beers. The more unusual the better! From ginger and pomegranate to floral flavours and notes, through craft beer you can create an authentic drinking experience this Christmas.

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