New Year’s Eve is all about celebration, whether it be revelling in the achievements of the year or looking forward to what is to come, and whilst NYE parties come in all shapes and sizes, the need for celebratory drinks has and will always remain. Here at Urban spirit, out wonderful team and bars are out at various different types of events this New Year’s Eve, looking forward to creating wonderful drinks for our happy customers to cheers in 2018 with.
If you are the lucky host of this year’s party, then below we have listed some of our favourite tipples that will be sure to go down a storm.

Champagne cocktails

Being the ultimate celebration of the year, NYE causes for a touch of je ne sais quoi, with Champagne cocktails certainly providing a touch of elegance to an event. Below we have listed some of our favourite options:

Poinsettia – Keeping the spirit of Christmas alive, the Poinsettia is a mixture of Cointreau, Cranberry juice and Champagne, being vibrant in both colour and taste.

The classic – if you are planning on a traditional type of celebration, then the Classic is a must. With heaps of attitude, you can create the mixture from Champagne, Brandy and Angostura Bitters, finished off with a cherry for garnish.


Whilst the party may start as a sophisticated affair, as the night continues, people will inevitably turn to the shots. Though you will no doubt have a bottle of Sambuca or Tequila at the back of the cupboard, New Year’s Eve causes for a touch of creativity when it comes to shots.

Over the past few years, we at Urban Spirit have witnessed a growing demand for alcohol jellies, especially Vodka, Gin and Rum variations. As cocktails with the addition of gelatine, there are many ways in which you can present jelly shots to guests. From traditional shot glasses to fruit cases and much more; the options are truly endless.

Now that you have the cocktails and the shots sorted, all you have to do is ensure you have a Happy New Year!