Blade Beer Bar Hire has never been easier, hiring a Heineken Blade or a Birra Moretti Blade machine is a very smart, simple and effective way of having draught beer anywhere. With the smart simple, click and pour keg system, these machines require almost zero cleaning and maintenance.

If you are looking to impress the family or perhaps treat your team at work – its never been easier.

Although a Blade Beer Machine looks great anywhere, if you are looking to ‘Wow’ the beer drinkers, why not hire a bar counter from us which will allow the machine to be placed onto of it? This means that the Blade Beer Machine is now the right high to serve/pour the beers from, in addition to this you can use the bar counter to store glassware and perhaps house a fridge (to chill the additional Blade Beer Kegs).

Key facts about the Blade Beer Machine – Birra Moretti & Heineken:-

  • Chills beer to 2°C. Temperature of beer in glass 3°C
  • The Flex Keg is an innovative barrel
  • Serve up to 14 pints or up to 28 half pints
  • Keg volume – 8 litre beer. Blade kegs are delivered in a box. The box dimensions are 209 x 215 x 381,5 mm

Just plug and enjoy. Energy consumption 70 Watt. Noise level < 70 dB
The Blade serves beer that stays fresh for 30 days at 2°C, thanks to an innovative air compression system that doesn’t require CO2
Yes – Its that simple!
The Blade Machine is available as a Blade Bundle or simply as a one Blade One keg option, these machines are designed for every beer lover who wants to have Draught Beer at home or at the workplace.

Simply contact a member of our team for information and prices on the Blade Beer Bar Hire.