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Is Coca Cola launching a cannabis drink?

Now, we have all seen the headlines and campaigns surrounding the legalization of cannabis in various US states, and even in the UK! As an opinion that has split societies for decades, we are now [...]

Alcohol: the fastest growing Fairtrade product

In recent years, the world has developed a real conscience, investing heavily in Fairtrade alcohol products and production methods. According to retail analyst, Kantar, this is a trend that is only on the increase, with [...]

Belvedere Vodka teams up with artist, Laolu Senbanjo

As part of a global collaboration, premium vodka brand, Belvedere, has teamed up with artist Laolu Senbanjo, together launching a limited edition bottle. Dubbed ‘stunning’ by the vodka brand, the artist has adorned these bottles [...]

4 Martini alternatives

While a drink that has become synonymous with the James Bond films, Martini can be drunk in more ways than your conventional cocktail mixture. As a spirit that has made a real comeback in recent [...]

Wedding bars for different cultures

Here in the UK, our country is just fabulous, homing so many different cultures. Due to its diverse nature, Britain often provides the backdrop for all types of weddings; weddings that we at Urban Spirit [...]

Halloween bar hire 2018

With Siri now answering the question ‘What shall I be for Halloween?’, we are surprised just how quickly Autumn has come around. While the summer gave us so many great events, we are becoming increasingly [...]