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Peroni Named Best Lager of all Time

Here at Urban Spirit, we are highly in demand for our beer bar hire services, suppling bars with draught systems to customers across the globe. As a result, we like to think that we know [...]

Pimms Drinks to Cheers when Watching Wimbledon

With Wimbledon now in full swing (see what we did there?), many of us are eager to see where the competition will end. Will Serena revert back to winning times? Can Federer reign supreme in [...]

Champagne Bar Hire Deals

Champagne is a drink we all associate with special occasions, being the go-to tipple for an important toast. For this reason, we at Urban Spirit are naturally in demand for champagne bar hire for big [...]

Whiskey to Make a Big Comeback

As gin and Prosecco continue to rise in popularity, many other drinks are getting left on the shelves, literally. As a result, whiskey has struggled to sell in the last few years. But, it is [...]

A Big Month for Gin

As mentioned in many of our previous blogs, the gin market is expanding, with new distillers coming out of the woodwork constantly. And, this month is no different. According to sources, we are set to [...]

Connor McGregor Under Fire for Whiskey Label

Connor McGregor shocked us all when announcing his entrance into the drinks industry, launching his very own whiskey last year. Where many believed the drink to be a bit of a gimmick, over the past [...]