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Can Wine Help With Weight Loss?

Whether you are a yo-yo dieter or just looking to shed a few pounds this summer, you will no doubt be sad at the idea of going wine-free. But, according to a recent research project, [...]

England and Wales are Making Less Wine

Us Brits haven’t always been known for our fine wine. In fact, we are a lot more credited for our work in the world of gin. However, according to recent statistics, England and Wales are [...]

It’s National Rum Day!

With it being National Rum Day, we thought it was only fitting to blog about our rum bars; bars that put the pirate tipple on a pedestal. With the nation enjoying rum more than ever [...]

Are you Ready for International Beer Day?

At Urban Spirit, we thoroughly enjoy sharing unique drinking experiences with our customers, creating unforgettable hospitality solutions through our incredible bar hire setups. In recent months, we have received a great deal of calls for [...]

Wine is the UK’s Most-drunk Drink!

Us Brits have an eclectic range of tastes when it comes to food and drink, being a well-travelled bunch with a pretty good knowledge of world produce. However, it seems we are united in our [...]

How Your Event Would Benefit from Bartender Hire

If you are in charge of planning any type of event with a bar area, you will no doubt have a lot of items on your to-do list. This is why the last thing you [...]