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BrewDog to open its first airport bar

It has been a whirlwind of the month for Scottish beer-makers, Brewdog. Having raised millions of pounds of investment through their 'Equity for Punks' crowdfunding campaign, the brand is in an exciting time of expansion. [...]

Seaweed; the latest drinks craze?

Here at Urban Spirit, we have seen it all when it comes to cocktails and other bar drinks, having seen our fair share of 'innovative' trends. However, as a brand, we need to start abreast [...]

Absolut Vodka bares all in naked campaign

Absolut Vodka is a brand that has over the years become synonymous with luxury. Sitting at the higher end of the drinks market, they offer much more than your bog-standard spirit. However, recent drink trends have seen [...]

Natural wine festival returns to London

From gin festivals and prosecco parties to beer bonanzas, London hosts a drinks celebration pretty much every weekend. Being the catalyst of many international drinking trends, the city is becoming more and more recognised for [...]

One-drink bars on the rise 

As mentioned in previous blog posts, here in the UK, we are in an extraordinary time of change when it comes to drink. This is because of all the options out there! Being well and [...]

Drinks-led Businesses See Big boost in 2018

Whilst the news is filled with negative stories about the future of the drinks trade; this week we are thrilled to report a different tale. According to statistics from a new report, drinks-led businesses saw [...]