The Italian City Bologna are offering free beer and ice cream for using environmentally-
friendly travel options. Urban planner, Marco Amadori, set up the Bella Mossa scheme to
encourage people to ditch their cars and travel in more eco-friendly ways such as taking the
bus, riding a bike or walking.

What is the Bella Mossa scheme?

Funded by both the EU and Bologna’s local government, Amodori developed an app,
BetterPoints, where users can log all their sustainable trips and are rewarded with points. These
can be redeemed for beer, ice-cream and cinema tickets. These journeys are verified by
the phone’s GPS to ensure there is no cheating and to make sure users are using the mode
of transport which they say they are.

The Bella Mossa scheme only runs for six months of the year and has been a great success –
with 3.7 million kilometres of sustainable journeys recorded last year. This has seen over 16,000
reward vouchers being claimed. This year, a whopping 10,0000 people have used this app!

Making green travel more fun

As well as this, the app provides the option to compete with your friends and also has a
‘travel to work’ and ‘travel to school’ programme to make environmentally friendly travel
more fun. It tells users how much CO 2 they’ve saved, with a maximum of four journeys
that can be logged.

Amadori explains: “The system of point collection is based not on the distance you travel,
but on the single trip, because it’s important that even for short trips of 1km you do it in a
sustainable way”

“For the first time we’ve been able to involve all people. Everybody will have the possibility
to change a car trip into a bike trip or a bus trip and be able to get some discount for their
good behaviour.

What are your thoughts?

Here at Urban Spirit, we think this is a great way to encourage more environmentally
friendly travel – and if it involves free beer, then why not?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!