From your local watering hole and nearby restaurant to that posh bar in the city, most drinking establishments you will visit over the next few months will be focused on the summer trade. This is why you will start to notice people drinking all sorts of drinks that they usually wouldn’t, including ice-focused beverages. These are things like boozy ice lollies, popsicles and sludges; popular kids drinks that have been given an adult twist.

Here at Urban Spirit, we are seeing more and more of our customers request such drinks at our bars, eager to give modern customers a modern drinking experience. So, below, we share a few summer icy specials you may want to give a whirl.

Ice blast gin and tonic

There is no drink more iconic than the gin and tonic, being a beverage that is enjoyed all year round, across the world. However, there is one way you can make it even more delicious, with the addition of lots and lots of ice! By blending your tonic with ice and sugar syrup, you can completely reimagine the humble G&T.

Cider lollies

Though an ice cream van favourite, cider lollies can also make for a nice, boozy refreshment in between pints! And, what is so great about cider lollies is that you can use any type of cider or flavoured cider you so wish!

Gin ice cubes

Gin cubes make the ice the focal part of the drink. Simply freeze gin in cube trays with your garnish of choice then serve with tonic.

Gin bar hire

Gin bar hire is a speciality of ours here at Urban Spirit. So, if you are in need of a bar for an upcoming event, get in touch.