With Christmas now just around the corner, the weird and wonderful pet presents will begin to hit the shelves. With last year being all about the ‘Pawesecco’; a sparkling wine for cats and dogs, it appears popular brand, Brewdog, has weighed in on this niche drinks market.

Subwoofer IPA

According to sources, Brewdog is now crafting beer for dogs, creating an alcohol and hop-free beverage for our furry friends. Called Subwoofer IPA, the brand cleverly plays on their brand name ‘Brewdog’. But, it is far more than just a drinks gimmick, with the dog beer being a healthy pet treat that featured all sorts of vitamins and probiotics. And, it also tastes the part, said to have “citrus overtones and a familiar malt backbone”.
Putting a great deal of effort and research into this craft, the team conducted three rounds of tasting tests, using the tastebuds of 25 different dogs to get to the perfect brew.

As well as being sold separately at Brewdog establishments and online, a pack of two beers will also be up for grab this Christmas. This will include one Subwoofer IPA and a Punk IPA; a drink each for a canine and its trusty owner.

Brewdog co-founder James Watt said:

“Following the crazy success of our Liverpool bar team’s canine-friendly craft beer experiment, we wanted to refine a recipe to offer a delicious, refreshing beer for every dog who visits us nationwide. The result has been tried and tested and approved by our panel of pups, meaning the thousands of dogs that visit our bars each week can now get a taste, too.”

But, where did the idea for pooch beer come from? Well, the brand’s Founder is the brains behind the beer, inspired by his chocolate brown Labrador; Bracken. Being rather obsessed with dogs, the businessman also decided to roll out the “paw-ternity” leave programme, giving the beer brands’ employees time off when welcoming a new dog into the family.

Let us know what you think, will you be getting the pints in for your four-legged friend this year?