Big drinks brands that distribute across the world have come under the spotlight of late. Criticized for their lack of eco-friendly practices, many are now looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint. This week, Budweiser is the latest to join the green club. Using 100% renewable energy to create its beers, Budweiser will feature a green symbol connoting their carbon-neutral production from Spring of this year. 

From this month, power will come from Thunder Ranch, an Oklahoma owned by green energy firm, Enel. This comes after AB InBev, Budweiser owners, get ready to source 100% renewable electricity within the next seven years, eager to operate as an ethical brand.  

Staying down with the kids (well, over 18’s)  

Brian Perkins, Budweiser’s global vice president, believes this move will allow the company to remain relevant.  

“We know that climate change is an important issue for consumers,” Perkins said. “However, they aren’t sure how their everyday actions can make a difference. The renewable electricity symbol helps consumers make smarter everyday choices that can have a positive, meaningful impact.” 

Though given kudos for make such efforts, Budweiser has this week announced that they will be rising their prices across their range of drinks. In the UK, drinkers may see up to 3.9% increases. This is something the brand has put down to economic pressures. 

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