The colourful world of cocktail-making sees many trends come and go; from seasonal fruits and popular spirits to current global trends that is edible glitter, the changing demands of the pallet keeps the bartender on their toes. That said, there are a few staple cocktails that have stood the ultimate test of time; mixtures that bartenders wish hadn’t.

So, what are the biggest bartender bugbears when it comes to cocktail?

Why so mad at the mojito?

After quizzing many of our staff here at Urban Spirit, it became quickly apartment that Mojitos were their least favourite drink to make; but why? Well, according to many, the true essence of the mojito has been lost over the years, with low-end bars creating low-end versions that have been accepted as the norm.

When we think of mojitos, we think of muddled mint. While it is great for an Instagram post, this is not the way to release mint flavour. Mint is actually meant to be ‘spanked’.

‘When creating a mojito for a customer that expects it to look a certain way, you have to compromise your mojito morale, serving something that you may not truly be proud of. Here at Urban Spirit we place a huge focus on taste, educating our customers on methods and ingredient” one bartender said.

Going diet

Though for some, watching their weight is incredibly important, when it comes to ordering drinks, going diet can be detrimental to taste. People compromising on taste for calories also proved to be quite a bugbear amongst our bartenders, again being all about the promotion of great taste.

“When ordering a premium spirit with a dash of mixer, the worst thing you can do is opt for a diet mixer” another of our bartenders comments.

Anyone for ice?

From a crisp glass of white wine to an aromatic scotch, many of us order drinks based on their pure, untampered flavour. However, there are many drinkers that take things into their own hands, adding huge amounts of ice to their drink. Throwing the drink’s water balance off, this can dilute the spirit, thus the flavour.

Let us know what you think; what’s your bar bugbear? Leave your comments with us.