As you will have read in many of our blogs, at Urban Spirit we strive to offer sustainable bar hire, limiting our use of plastic where possible. From customers wanting a zero-plastic policy at their events to our team actively wasting less water, as a brand, we do try to do our bit.  

And, we are not the only ones!  

Today, we learn that beer giants, Carlsberg, are now gluing their cans together, being the first beer can producer to rid of plastic rings! Having been connected with large records of pollution, the ridding of these rings is said to reduce its global plastic waste by 1,200 tons a year.  

Given kudos by the environmentally-concerned consumers amongst us, this change is a big statement; one that many beer manufactures should endeavour to replicate.  

Being a huge leap forward in meeting their sustainability objectives, Carlsberg attribute such successful projects to their recent rise in profits. Positioning themselves as a modern brand in tune with world matters is seeming to be paying off!  

Beer bar hire  

If, like us at Urban Spirit, you are a fan of fine beer, then you may wish to learn more about our beer bar hire services. Perfect for birthday parties, festivals, stag dos and even work events, our bars are renowned for getting the party started.  

To learn more about the various options available to you and your event, contact a member of our sales team when you can. They will talk you through the hiring process as well as our drinks packages, bartender hire and other optional extras.