Serena Williams named ‘Beer Pong Champion’ at Royal wedding

Where at Urban Sprit we go to great lengths to place focus on memorable, responsible drinking experiences, we cannot help but have a giggle when we hear a funny drunk story. Just this week, it [...]

5 staple drinks for any wedding bar

When planning a wedding bar, there are many things to consider. From the colour of the bar to its size and style, it can be a real minefield. However, it is essential that the drinks [...]

Event Planning: How to stick to your budget

Whether you are looking to throw the house party of the year or are an event planner exploring your options, you will no doubt have a budget in mind. From thrifty affairs to no expense [...]

Could alcoholic tea replace obsession?

Whilst mass produced in China, tea has well and truly been adopted by the British, being slightly obsessed with getting our morning brew fix. But, according to many, the humble cuppa is being reinvented, with [...]

Beer bread: We’ll toast to that!

In life, we have two vices; beer and bread. Well, luckily for us, we can now consume both at the same time. That's right, beer bread is now a thing! Invented by a Suffolk-based brewery, [...]

Spring drinks trends

With Spring now well and truly upon us, many will be starting to think about the parties and events to come, with Spring usually warming us up for summer celebrations. If you are throwing a [...]

Everything you need to know about vegan drinks 

When catering for Vegans, you can often feel quite overwhelmed, not knowing what you can serve that is both Vegan and tasty. However, in recent years, the Vegan population in the UK has grown tremendously, [...]

Breathe new life into your summer party with garden bar hire

With the sun now threatening to come out in Britain, many of us have started to think about Summer, most notably; the garden parties to come. Whether it be to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or [...]

Sydney salon under fire for ‘Cocktails with Botox’ menu

Here at Urban Spirit, when it comes to cocktails, we've seen it all. From cocktails with sea urchins in to bug-based concoctions, the world of drink is truly fascinating. As an industry where anything goes, [...]

Beer bottle for space travel launches

From bacon wine to hybrid spirits, the drinks market is a fascinating place at present. But, it seems like it just got a whole lot more interesting. This week, we have seen the launch of [...]

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