Movie stars and singers tend to have their fingers in lots of pies. From Beyoncé’s perfume line to Rihanna’s makeup businesses, it seems every modern celeb has a side business of some sort.  

Here at Urban Spirit, we have noticed the growing number of famous people entering the drinks industry. 

Below, we a look at the celebrities that have launched Tequila brands: 

Nick Jonas – Villa One  

Recently married Nick Jonas is the proud owner Villa One; a Tequila brand launched this year. According to sources, the American singer partnered with world-renowned fashion designer, John Varvatos, for this venture. 

Rita Ora – Prospero 

As well as being a pop sensation and face of various makeup lines, Rita Ora also has her very own Tequila brand called Prospero. This is another joint venture which involves marketing firm; Conecuh Brands. Her tipple comes in three variations; Blanco, Reposado and Añejo.

AC/DC – Thunderstruck Tequila 

Rock superstars, AC/DC, are well known in the drinks industry, sporting their very own beer, wine and whiskey. And, they can also add Tequila to that list, owning the Tequila brand Thunderstruck Tequila. Named after their hit single, the Tequila is said to be rather tasty!

Justin Timberlake – Sauza 901   

Justin Timberblake is another musician making a profit from the drinks industry. Brought to market back in 2019, JT has been sharing his unique tipple for over a decade now. 

Other celebs with Tequila brands include P Diddy,  Carlos Santana, Toby Keith, George Clooney, E40 and many, many more. 

Tequila bar hire 

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