During our time offering bar hire services, we have come across some pretty expensive tipples. From rare spirits to fine champagne, the high-end of the drinks market is just fascinating. Moet, one of the most recognised champagne brands in the world, has this week announced details of a Roger Federer champagne. Set to go on sales for an eye-watering $20k, Moet has made just 20 Magnums of the limited edition drink.

However, this drink is about much more than making money. Celebrating the twenty-time grand slam title winner, profits from Roger Federer champagne sales will go to the Roger Federer Foundation; a charity that supports educational projects located in the region of southern Africa and Switzerland.

Honoured to have seen the champagne launched in honour of him, the tennis champion also celebrated many years being in partnership with Moet and Channon; having sponsored the sportsman since 2012.

Talking ahead of the launch of ‘Greatness since 1998′, Federer said:

“I am very pleased that Moët & Chandon has offered to host a celebration for me, my family and my friends. It is a generous gesture that I appreciate, and I look forward to sharing this very special moment with everyone who has helped make this milestone possible. My team, my family, and my fans. Moët & Chandon has supported me as a sponsor for the past six years. It has been a great relationship and their support has been very meaningful to me and my family”

Having been providing us with tennis greatness for twenty years now, Federer is renowned for being a true gent. Showing nothing but pride and appreciation, Federer describes the aesthetics of the bottle.

“What makes this event even more special is that Moët & Chandon has dedicated a new limited edition champagne bottle to mark my 20-year career milestone. It is a bottle wrapped in a black leather band like the tennis wrap on my rackets. It is called “Greatness since 1998,” after the year I joined the professional circuit. So it has a real tennis connection and means a lot to me! I have signed the label and my embossed signature also figures on the leather wrap. I love the strong, elegant design. Plus, the Grand Vintage Collection 1998 wine in the bottle is an amazing champagne. But beyond the personal pride I get from this event and the beautiful bottle, I am thrilled that Moët & Chandon has generously committed to donating all profits from the sale of the limited edition bottles to the Roger Federer Foundation”.

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