In recent years, we have seen the emergence of Chinese wine, with us Brits displaying an increasing appetite for Asian drinks. Now, China looks to promote its own spirit, Baijiu, to the world.
Described as ‘fiery’’ and ‘versatile’, Baijiu is to China what vodka is to us; an all-rounder.

According to China’s National Information Centre of Customs General Administration, the country produces an impressive 17 billion litres of Baijiu every year. However, only 200,00 litres of this is exported, with a huge majority of the drink staying and drunk in China.

Now, producers feel now is the right time to release the spirit to the global market. One producer in particular has announced ambitious plans to export to Africa, Australia and Europe in large volumes. Zhu Jiang Pai, a company best known for the production of sauces and oils, wants to take the helm of this global push, promising some big things over the course of the next few years.

Its World Baijiu Day!

Today, August 9th, marks National Baijiu Day; a campaign launched 4 years ago to raise the drink’s profile outside of Asia.

Wanting to promote the vast possibilities at hand when drinking the spirit, the campaign’s founder, Jim Boyce, says:

“Many people dislike baijiu because their first experience was a ganbei session,”

“We want to give people many ways to try baijiu, we want people to have a good first experience, we want them to be inspired to explore baijiu’s many styles and history.”

Baijiu for Brits

Here in UK, we are already developing quite an appetite for the drinks. According to statistics, the UK is “one of Moutai’s fastest growing overseas markets”, importing 17.5 tons of the drink last year.

Let us know what you think. Have you ever tasted Baijiu? If so, share your experience with you.