As a team of experienced bartenders, we at Urban Spirit are pretty clued up when it comes to Christmas gift ideas, talking to customers and other bartenders constantly in the run up to Christmas. With the next week or so seeing people dart around the city to pick up the last-minute presents, we have below detailed some present ideas for those buying for Bartenders; we hope they help!

Cocktail books

Usually working rather unsociable hours, in our experience, Bartenders and mixologists seldom have time to read. Being so passionate about their profession, a great cocktail-making book can allow them to brush up on their skills, learn about new trends and generally enhance their knowledge on the subject they love.

High-end glassware

Glassware can make for a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone. From high-quality champagne flutes to a set of crystal tumblers, having something nice to drink out of on their day off can be very much appreciated; especially by Bartenders. For an added touch, etch a personal message on the glass, ensuring it holds sentimental value rather than just becoming a feature in the kitchen cupboard.

A fine wine

Understanding the value of good alcohol more than anyone, Bartenders tend to appreciate good produce. A good wine that matures with age is a good option to explore.

Handy bar tools

Making cocktails is fiddly business, with so many ingredients, glassware, garnishes and mixing methods to juggle (literally). This is why some handy bar tools may go down a treat; anything that makes the life of the mixologist that bit easier. From ice-making devises and pitchers to shakes and dispensers; there are plenty of things out there to streamline the cocktail-making process.

If you have any Christmas gift ideas you wish to share with us, be sure to leave your comments below.