Having delivered bar hire services to our fair share of Christmas parties, it is safe to say that office get-togethers can go one way or another! with drink playing a significant role in the evening’s outcome. While it’s easy to get carried away during the festivities, it is still important that you have fun and remember the night for all the right reasons. Starting to think about your upcoming do? Make use of our top tips!

Line your stomach

When venturing out for the annual office knees-up, it is important that you make the most of the occasion. A good way to secure your stamina is by having some food before hitting the cocktails, lining your stomach and gearing up properly for the fun ahead!

Pick a drink and stick to it

One of the biggest issues when it comes to Christmas party flops is people mixing their drinks; a tactic that is renowned for cutting the evening short. Here at Urban Spirit, we are all about creating enjoyable drinking experiences. From advising on the best drinks to suit your preferences, to sharing our wonderful knowledge of drinks with you; our solutions have saved memory loss and office party embarrassments since our first year in business!

Talk to new faces

Though drink plays a key role in the night, to really make the most of the evening you need get amongst the action. For example, talking to people that you may not get the chance to from 9-5. From chatting with those from different departments, to getting to know the newest recruits, office parties can be a real eye-opener when it comes to the people you work with.

Let loose

While we all tell ourselves to behave when it comes to corporate dos, we all need to let loose now and then! Whether it be hitting the karaoke or pulling some embarrassing moves on the dancefloor, just remember – it’s what office parties are all about!