Connor McGregor shocked us all when announcing his entrance into the drinks industry, launching his very own whiskey last year. Where many believed the drink to be a bit of a gimmick, over the past 12 months the whiskey has grown and grown in popularity, enjoyed at clubs, bars, restaurants and homes across the world.

However, the famous drinks brand has this week come under fire, finding itself in a spot of bother with the Irish Whiskey Association (IWA). The organisation, which represents the whiskey industry, feels the name, Proper No Twelve, gives consumers the impression that the whiskey is aged for 12 years.

Though they are yet to confirm whether or not they will be scrapping the name completely, the Association is now reviewing the case, ascertaining whether or not the brand name is misleading.

A spokesperson for the IWA said:

“We do work to ensure Irish whiskey brands are in compliance with the laws governing Irish whiskey and in particular, with the recently published FSAI labelling guidelines.”

“We assess and evaluate each individual query or complaint confidentially, impartially and objectively; and we take the necessary steps to address any infringing brands.

Proper No Twelve, in which the UFC champ is the majority shareholder of, will now wait for the Irish Whiskey Association to compile their report.

But, what do you think? Does the name suggest a 12-year distillery process? Share your thoughts with us.