The wine world is nothing but an enigma. From the whole tasting production that many of us don’t really get, to the snobbery that surrounds wines from certain regions; it’s a minefield! However, with the growing generation of millennials taking to wine, things are starting to change. Below we have details the top 5 consumer wine trends we believe will take a front seat in 2018.


When it comes to China; here in the UK we are much more educated on Chinese food and culture. However, in 2018, we are set to brush up on our knowledge of Chinese drinks.
“China might have historically been the proverbial dragon in the room when discussing wine,” said Euromonitor analyst Spiros Malandrakis, “but it will be the accelerating transition from luxury towards the mass market that will inform the next chapter in its evolution.”

“Additionally, further reducing import tariffs and the intoxicating effect of free trade agreements will pave the way for the next wave of exporters that will follow in the footsteps of Australian wine’s roaring success in China.”


Moving away from the conventions of the drink, we are seeing more and more innovative products hit the shelves. One of the most notable is wine in a can. Being easier to transport and store, buying in smaller quantities is desirable of late. Perfect for occasions such as beach parties and picnics, canned wine takes away the need for a wine glass or corkscrew.


With the rise of Millennial drinkers, drinks businesses are feeling pressure to deliver unique drinking experiences. Seeing brands having no option but to be innovative and stay relevant, we are seeing a lot of ‘cross-pollination’ wines. Recently, Innis & Gunn announced that they would be using wood chips from wine barrels to make their beer. Many whiskey-makers are also finalising their recipes in beer barrels.

“The significance of the indulgence factor and the de facto blurring of category lines will also see a rise in cross-pollination initiatives like bourbon barrel ageing,” Malandrakis said.
“Boosting flavour and richness in this way might prove to be a fad but it is a fad that will still have legs for a while longer.”

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