Did dry January just become a lot easier?’

ConeTech, a Californian-based company, have taken some of your favourite wines and
beverages and turned them into a low-calorie, low-alcohol drink. Over the past 27 years,
the company has worked towards creating technology that is able to de-alcoholise
beverages while preserving the flavour and consistency of the product.’

Why no-alcohol?

Tony Dann, founder of ConeTech, saw a gap in the market for lower alcohol wines due to
the increase of people turning away alcohol as a lifestyle choice.

Debbie Novograd, ConTech’s CMO and deputy CEO tells The Standard:

“Tony saw the need
to create a product that was as enjoyable, as full flavoured, as a full alcohol wine but with a
fraction of the alcohol. It allows you to have a more social experience, one or two glasses of
wine at lunch if you so choose, as well as a lower calorie beverage.”

How does the technology work?

The technology to make no-alcohol wine uses an advanced method of low temperature
distillation that allows for selective capture of aroma and flavour compounds and the
removal of alcohol from any liquid.

The process uses a technology called the Spinning Cone Column which is made up of 40 cones, some of which are fixed and some spin around, ultimately spinning the
wine out into different films. A cool vapour created by the wine rises up the column and
carries off molecules within the liquid. This essentially brings up all the flavours and aromas
from the wine and are condensed into a liquid essence and held separately.

It is then repeated to remove all the alcohol and once this is achieved, the flavours and
aromas are then added back into the wine, giving the same flavour but with no alcohol

Aaron Silverstein, director of business development at ConeTech says:

“Imagine you have a nice glass of Sauvignon blanc. All those unique smells that come at the start of the glass,
we’re able to capture that. It maintains the integrity of the wine.”

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