Whilst mass produced in China, tea has well and truly been adopted by the British, being slightly obsessed with getting our morning brew fix. But, according to many, the humble cuppa is being reinvented, with tea now being used in cocktail recipes in bars across the UK. With mixologists making use of the bitterness of black tea, the mixture is said to give life to strong spirits, making it the perfect cocktail mixer. Wanting to learn more about this new craze, we at Urban Spirit took a -deeper look into the world of tea-based cocktails.

Alcoholic tea

While many are using a tea mixture to add to popular cocktails, there is actually a wave of producers creating alcoholic tea in which you can drink straight. Where we have heard of coffee liqueurs and recipes such as Hot Toddies, now we can expect boozy teas.

Tea cocktails for the Royal wedding

With the Royal wedding being a quintessentially-British affair, many mixologists have been creating UK-inspired drinks that people can celebrate with; many of which include tea. Below is the best recipe we have come across; the G&Tea. Offering a refreshing spin on the tradition Gin and Tonic, the G&Tea requires the following ingredients:

Ice Tea just got a whole lot hotter

Though associated with hot summer afternoon, Ice Tea has just entered the party world. With many requiring a bit more of a kick to their refreshment, alcohol Ice Tea is set to be a big 2018 drinks trend. From the additions of vodka and gin to prosecco and even coffee-based spirits. Who would have thought it; alcoholic tea and coffee in one glass!

Serving tea at your own bar

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