Now, we have all been there, being out with our mates and the bar bill comes, with the amount exceeding our expectations. But, have you ever spent £27,000 on wine in less than 15 minutes? Well, famous footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo has, spending close to £30,000 in one lucky London bar.

Accompanied by his beautiful girlfriend, Georgiana Rodriguez, the two were joined by a bunch of friends at Scott’s; the preferred watering hole of many high-profile celebs in the city.

But, ‘what on earth did the Portuguese footballer buy that cost £27,000?’ we hear you ask. According to sources, the striker splashed out on just two bottles for this sum. Kickstarting the night with the world’s most expensive bottle of wine, Ronaldo purchased an £18,000 bottle of Richebourg Grand Cru. Not satisfied with the one big purchase, he then went on to buy a Bordeaux courtesy of Pomerol’s Petrus; a bottle that set him back a whopping £9,000.

A fellow customer at the bar said the following:

“His (Ronaldo’s) group were in and out of Scott’s in little over 15 minutes. They hadn’t booked and just rocked up and sat at the bar. They had about a glass and a half of wine each before rushing off to watch some tennis. They didn’t even finish the second bottle.”

“Ronaldo was in a great mood and wanted to celebrate.” Well, celebrate he certainly did!

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