It’s time to shake off the dreary winter chills and add bursts of colour and liveliness to your bar in time for spring. As we transition into warmer weather and sunshine, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your bar’s décor to give it a sense of freshness. From bright colours to energetic patterns, here’s a few ways to dress your bar up ready for the spring season:

Splashes of colour

Adding bits of colour around your bar will instantly liven up the room and bring your bar back to life. To dress your bar up, small changes such as adding a vase of flowers, hanging up a bunting, coloured wall art, patterned cocktail straws and elements of greenery and nature are a few easy steps for an instant eye-catching bar.

You’ll be surprised how much of a difference this can make to your bar!

Vibrant cocktails

The cocktails you serve have an impact on the bar’s appearance. You’ll want to change up the cocktail recipes so they’re more suitable for spring. Think fruity flavours, fresh ingredients and bright colours. Here’s a few fresh and tasty cocktail ideas:

Cherry Blossom Martini
Lemon Drop Martini
Grapefruit Mojitos
Fruit Sangria
Lavender Lemonade
Blood Orange Cocktail

Colourful glassware

It’s a great idea to invest in colourful glassware to match the vibrant cocktails! Pack away the plain old silver glasses for next winter and invest in some stunning coloured glassware instead.

Need a few ideas? Here’s a few:


Decorative bar counters

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, why not spruce up the bar counters? Adding a tasteful burst of colour to your counter is a great way to dress your bar up and create a striking appearance. From blues and greens to pinks and yellows – it’ll be sure to complement the springtime.

Springtime with Urban Spirit

Fancy indulging in some fruity cocktails with Urban Spirit? We’ll be happy to accommodate you this Spring, sharing our range of bar hire options with you. Contact our team today and we’ll provide you with further details and a free quote.