Us Brits haven’t always been known for our fine wine. In fact, we are a lot more credited for our work in the world of gin.

However, according to recent statistics, England and Wales are making less wine than we thought they were.

This was revealed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) earlier this week.

According to the organisation’s chairman, Simon Robinson, in 2019 we produced over 2 million bottles less than they initially said, stating that during the year, the UK created 13.2 million bottles rather than the 15.3 million that they initially said.

Robinson justified the adjustment by saying the first figure was “based on early indications” and “a survey of our members”.

He added: “The figure of 13.2m bottles is the official figure published by DEFRA from data gathered by the Wine Standards Branch (Food Standards Agency). There are a number of reasons why the figures may differ, but we are not in a position to comment on the differences, as for reasons of commercial confidentiality, we do not have access to the raw data.”

Though our production of wine may have gone down, our appetite for it certainly hasn’t. According to a recent survey, wine is still the most-consumed spirit across the UK, enjoyed by all ages (over 18) and genders.

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