Whether planning a small get-together at the house or the wedding reception of the century, being an event planner is stressful. This is mostly down to the multiple tasks required of you. As a result, when the event finally comes around, you will want to sit back, relax and enjoy the show you have put so much effort into perfecting.  

This is why more and more planners are opting to hire bar staff for their events. The benefits to doing so are plentiful. Here are just a few!  

Welcome guests properly  

As they say, first impressions are lasting. This is why you will want to give each and every one of your guests a warm welcome when they arrive. This is something a professional bartender can do with ease. Able to greet guests with a smile and more-importantly, a well-made drink, guests will be sure to value the effort put in to making them feel comfortable.  

Utilise their drink knowledge  

Where we all know that white wine is served cold and red at room temperature, when it comes to the wider world of drink, our understanding pretty much stops there. This is why roping in the help of a professional bartender will add a sense of professionalism to the bar, able to mix up unique cocktails and talk customers through the best drinks to indulge in. 

Keeping the stock replenished  

There is nothing worse than ordering a drink and seeing the bartender have to rush off to try and source some more of what you want. Coming across as unprofessional, this is always a bit of a nuisance. This can be avoided by hiring bar staff, with a team there to maintain the stock on a constant basis. 

Maintaining the bar’s cleanliness  

Modern drinkers require certain standards when visiting a bar. This is especially the case when it comes to cleanliness. By hiring bar staff to look after your bar area, you can make someone responsible for wiping down the counters, ensuring glassware is sparking and guests are provided with a clean, neat and tidy bar experience.  

Hire a bar  

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