Although mocktails have stolen the limelight over the past few years, it seems drinks production companies are placing more focus than ever on the non-drinkers. Over the Christmas period, a whole range of zero-alcohol spirits were launched. Seeing tee-totalers now at the forefront of people’s minds, we have below itemised our most innovative no-alcohol products.


Whether you are a casual drinker or just have a dabble at Christmas, you will no doubt appreciate the worldwide love of the classic Gin and Tonic combination. Non-drinkers have until now been left out of the famous drink, with anew gin variation in town. Apply named Teetotal G’n’T claimed that 90% of drinkers cannot tell that the Gina and Tonic drink is alcohol free!

Alcohol Free sparkling wine

We are in a generation where prosecco sits at the centre of most social events. As a result, there has been a huge increase in the number of alcohol-free sparkling wines on the market.
Rags Sandhu, Managing director of online drinks ordering service, DrinkShop.Co.Uk, says:

“With over 5m people taking part in Dry January, the need for tasty no-alcohol alternatives have been very much apparent. This is why we are thrilled to see some of the world’s biggest brands create products such as wine, gin and rum that non-drinkers can enjoy’.

‘Sales in teetotal sparkling wine have been an area we have seen a great deal of growth in and look forward to building more products of this kind into our site’.


Craft beer

Here at Urban Spirit, we are also seeing an increase in no-booze beers. On the market, there are now over 100 booze-free craft beers.

Through research, we found that Brew Dog’s Nanny Skate 0.5 option was the best! As a pale ale, the beer is scrumptious with a nice big hoppy kick!

Alcohol free bar hire

If you are planning an event and wish to serve tasty alcohol-free drinks, we can help. With years of experience in the space, we are proud to support party planners across the country.

With many options available, we can either stock the bar for you or offer you a dry bar hire service, allowing you to build in your favourite tipples for guests.

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