As modern drinkers we love two things; drinks that taste good and look just as look. This is why we are seeing the emergence of a key trend; glittered drinks.

With the UK loving nothing more than a bit of glitz and glamour, it was only a matter of time before glitter makes its way to the drinks industry.

Today, we look at ways in which you can inject a touch of glitter into your drinks.

Glittered Gin

As mentioned in many of our previous posts, the UK Gin market is growing by the day, with all sorts of distillers joining the business. One corner of the gin industry that is expanding is glittered Gin, with both big brands and independent distillers experimenting with the sparkly stuff.

Glittered straws

Whether serving a vodka and coke or an original cocktail created by yourself, you want it to look the part when presenting it to customers. Many bartenders across the country are now getting creative with straws, with glittery straws now being very much a thing.

Dried glittered fruit

Fruit has for many years been a garnish used in cocktails and spirits. If you want to inject a sprinkle of glitter into your drinks, why not add in some dried fruit dried with edible glitter? This is an avenue many creative bartenders are going down.

Glitter bar hire

If you are looking to put on a real glittery affair with your upcoming event then be sure to explore our bar hire services. These include rental bars of all shapes and sizes. From bars with glittered counters to tiki bars, festival bars and so much more, we can simply offer it all.

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