Here at Urban Spirit, we love to hear about the latest cocktail creations, so we were thrilled to hear about this unique, not to mention sustainable, beverage. A brasserie in London has claimed to have launched ‘The World’s Most Sustainable Cocktail” as part of its new sustainability initiative. The ethical concoction can be found at Mayfair’s Quaglinos, with manager Marco Sangion stating that the project has been in works since September last year.

The bubbling behind the scenes

 Sangion, in an interview with Standard, said: “We wanted to reinforce that there are alternative ways of creating cocktails that can tick all boxes on a sustainability front.

“The ingredients are all locally-sourced, to eliminate transportation costs and pollution, and they are also healthy. This is a light cocktail, containing just 30ml of vodka – the idea is to create something unique, environmentally conscious and, of course, delicious.”

Sustainable ingredients

 The cocktail is named Blossom and is completely waste-free. It contains organic vodka, infused with a purple carrot peel to evoke the “earthiness” of the season. The carrots are also served as a side dish with almonds and coriander.

Mixed with the vodka are homemade jasmine rice milk and overcooked rice, resulting in creamy milk. “A little goes a long way,” Sangion says, “we’re stretching ingredients to their maximum potential.”

To bring a citrus flavour to the mix, mandarin skins are concentrated into a cordial. Finally, the cocktail is finished with a dash of mint stick oil and served up in a glass-shaped cone made of pasta. Once you’re finished with the cocktail, you can go ahead and eat the ‘glass’ too – can it get any more sustainable than that?

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