Though renowned for our picture-perfect cocktails, at Urban Spirit, we are just as passionate about a humble pint of beer. With today being International Beer Day, we thought we would share a few ideas, inspirations and beer-based services of ours. We hope you like them!

Beer cocktails

Beer cocktails are something our bartender team have been experimenting with this summer. With UK drinks constantly wanting to try new things, we have found beer cocktails to work pretty well at our bars. Below are a few favourites.

  • Raspberry beer mojito
  • Campari IPA
  • Espresso stout
  • Ginger beer shandy

Real ales

If you have been in a pub, to a club or to any event with a bar over the past two years, you will be well aware of the craft beer/real ale movement. Being synonymous with the Millennial community, younger drinkers enjoy fewer mainstream beers. Again, this is down to challenging taste buds, with modern drinkers wanting a unique experience when visiting a bar. To mark International Beer Day, why not try something new? With most bars and local stores stocking craft beers, it’s certainly easy to obtain.

Flavoured beer

With an influx of independent brewers, we are seeing more innovative beer receipts make their way to our bars. In 2018, it’s all about flavour. This includes raspberry beer, cherry beer, ginger beer and one of our favourite; lime beer!

Beer bar hire

As a result of Britain’s new-found love for larger and ale,  our customers are requesting beer bar hire. These are bars that simply serve beer and nothing else! Is there a better way to celebrate International Beer Day? For more details, contact us at the Urban Spirit office.