At Urban Spirit, we are much in demand for cocktail bar hire, with many event planners wanting to add a touch of class to their party with the addition of high-end drinks. With cocktails being the ultimate sign of sophistication, we were understandably surprised to hear of a new trend; kegged cocktails! Completely reimagining the way in which we create cocktails in front of customers, we wanted to learn more.

Why are cocktails now being served on tap?

Save time

It is no secret that when ordering a cocktail, it can be a good 15 minutes before the end-result is presented to you in a drinkable format. From muddling and shaking to pouring and garnishing, cocktails are usually complicated, multi-layered creations. Although this is arguably part of the fun, the whole process is widely impractical; especially for busy bars.

Save waste

Another huge pitfall on the cocktail-making world is waste. With waste reduction now a national agenda topic, businesses of all kinds are doing all they can to be thrifty with food and drink. By having pre-made cocktail mixtures on tap, bartenders can expect to reduce their waste up to 30%!

A trend taking off around the world

This is a trend that has taken off in America. One Los Angeles restaurant, Inko Nito, explains why they have now opted for kegged cocktails and why this is by no means a less authentic way to create great drinks.

“We have a restaurant where everything can happen pretty quick,” explains beverage director Nathan Merriman.

“We want to be able to make sure those drinks are in our guests’ hands fast.”

Once recipes are approved, a selection of six separate cocktails are married in cold storage the evening prior to being served. “This allows us ample time for the keg to rest and get the best carbonation results without any issues with the ingredients we use inside the kegs. The kegs stay refrigerated the whole time,” Merriman explains.

Let us know what you think, would you be put off by having your Mai Tai poured from a pump? Let us know what you think; we would love to hear your opinions on this!