With Christmas just around the corner, we are starting to see the weird and wonderful drink-based gifts make their way into the mainstream. This week, we at Urban Spirit were intrigued by a new product from LG; a tech firm that has now entered the home-brewing industry.

Launching their very own home brewing device, LG has brought the aptly-named HomeBrew to market; a device that promises to speed up the brewing process.

Quick brewing

Using single-use capsules containing malt, yeast, hop oil and flavouring, the device can produce a brew in just two weeks!

But, this is not your average home kit, being completely automated and using nothing but cutting-edge technology. When purchasing the product, customers also gain access to the accompanying application; one that controls the fermentation, carbonation, ageing, serving and cleaning processes. This is available on Android and iOS devices, which so also permits users to check the status of their brew.

Capsules include American IPA, Golden American Pale Ale, full-bodied ‘English Stout’; Belgian-style Witbier, and Czech Pilsner, meaning whatever your taste preference, you can brew your favourite tipple with ease. What’s more is that the machine can create five litres of beer per batch which is a pretty sizable amount when compared to similar products on the market.

Song Dae-hyun, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance and Air Solution, commented:

“LG HomeBrew is the culmination of years of home appliance and water purification technologies that we have developed over the decades.

“Homebrewing has grown at an explosive pace but there are still many beer lovers who haven’t taken the jump because of the barrier to entry and these are the consumers we think will be attracted to LG HomeBrew”.

Let us know what you think, will you be purchasing an LG beer brewing machine this Christmas?