With the majority of the nation partaking in Dry January last month, February marks a return to the wonderful world of scrumptious drinks. Always eager to promote sensible drinking, we at Urban Spirit certainly do not recommend starting February with strong liquor. Though not wanting to undo all of those health benefits Dry January provided, you will want to celebrate the success with something delicious.

Below we have shared some of our favourite low-alcohol drinks because we too are marking the end of Dry January!

Low-alcohol beer

Though we are seeing the immergence of stronger spirits in the market place, we are also seeing more and more brands launch low-alcohol beers. If you fancy a beer to break Dry January in a refreshing fashion, BrewDog’s Nanny State is a wonderful pale ale at just 0.5% ABV. We love this because unlike other options, the drink boasts a great deal of flavour.


As a country of gin-lovers, many of you will be craving a classic G&T as February approaches. If you have been dreaming about the age-old mixture, why not opt for a single; packed with loads of fruit and topped up with low-calorie tonic? Keeping calories and alcohol intake down, opting for such a drink is a great way to keep one foot in healthy camp.


If you have not had any alcohol for a month, drinking a whole glass of strong white wine will result in an early night. We suggest going for a Spritzer, pouring yourself just half a glass of wine and filling the rest of the glass with soda water. For a fruiter taste, replace the soda water with lemonade. Not only will this allow your wine to last longer, but it will be cheaper when ordered at a bar!

With many of us here at Urban Spirit joining on Dry January, the general consensus is that a good old-fashioned beer will do the trick. What is your drink to mark the end of January? Leave your comments with us.