Whether attending your local or a high-end glitzy event, there are certain things you expect from a bartender. Here at Urban Spirit, we have been offering bartender hire throughout the UK for many years. Therefore we understand the qualities needed to influence a successful evening.

Knowledge of drinks

21st centuries drinkers are sophisticated drinkers, knowing exactly what beverage they want and how it should be served. Due to our growing knowledge of all things alcohol, bartenders have had to take things up a gear. Our bartenders and mixologists are celebrated for their insistence on creating visually impressive and flavoursome drinks.

An eye for detail

In the digitally-savvy world that we live in, the hospitality industry has had to make everything easy on the eye, with drinks in particular needing to be Instagram-ready.

For this reason, the humble pint-puller has evolved, educated on things such as drink presentation, colours and garnish.


From cocktail shakers and sieves and ice-holders and glasses, the amount of items used at a bar can make for messy work. Needing to be welcoming and aesthetically-pleasing, a good bartender will need to keep on top of the cleanliness of their workspace, having a rigid cleaning practice in place.

Pints of personality

Being a successful bartender involves a lot more than making a mean margarita. Bartenders must welcome guests, liaise with people and keep the atmosphere of the event upbeat.

A good memory

When running a bar at prolific events such as business launches and wedding receptions, the need for a good memory quickly makes itself apparent.

With many people getting in large rounds, it is not unusual for bartenders to take orders of 20+ drinks, needing to remember each beverage in order to deliver a stellar service.


Last but by no means least we have responsibility, a bartender quality that is arguably the most important. With many events seeing underage individuals try their luck at the bar, a good bartender challenges customers that look underage.

Planning an event?

If you’re planning an event and in need of staff, be sure to make use of our bartender hire service. With years of experience, we have supplied some of the biggest venues in the country with excellent workers.